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Sending Corporate Christmas Cards

Sending Corporate Christmas Cards

by Bhuvinder Flora

The jolliest time of the year for many people around the world, Christmas time will be here in the blink of an eye. While others may have time to prepare things at home, from a business perspective, there is no time like the present. There are so many aspects to think about, festive promotions, business printing, Christmas events, team appreciation party etc.

Amongst all of the above, It might have been an afterthought to send your customers corporate business cards but the gesture of sending Christmas cards or even a printed newsletter has slowly dwindled away like a wood fire that has been burning for hours. Many businesses may see this as a cost that isn't needed as well as spending the time to write the cards out, then adding the cost of postage.

A Christmas card can be seen a communication tool, which can also increase customer loyalty, which is actually very important for small businesses like yours. If one small business used 10 other businesses and 2 of them sent a Christmas card this is a great way to show your business customers that although they may or may not have used your services recently, you are still there for when they decide to come back. The same would apply to your customers on a B2C level. This is, in fact, a fantastic way to set you apart from other competitors as you aren't selling a product or service, just sending well wishes for the festive season.

Now that we live in a digital era and that most companies are going paper-free, virtual greetings are sent via email. It is great to save the environment and all, however, most of these emails actually end up in your customer's spam box. Not a great way to get your customer to remember you! A personalised handwritten Christmas card is the perfect greeting to end the year and it gives the same touch as signing a letter using a pen and not a digital signature. Christmas cards are inevitably a marketing tool that you don't have to sell or promote your services, but essentially could be by adding key dates for sale or extra discounts to push sales for the new year.

At Minerva Print & Design, we are able to design and print your bespoke Christmas cards in a size that you prefer. Investing in Christmas cards that are square, rectangle, die cut or a postcard is a perfect way to subtly let your customer base know that you are still around and at affordable costs, because we print in-house, so we can help you keep costs down. Just remember to post out the Christmas cards before people go away for the festive season.

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