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Why Resolution Matters

Why Resolution Matters

by Bhuvinder Flora

We're not talking about your annual New Years Resolutions but the resolution for your artwork. Image resolution is often referred to DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch) which means the number or dots or pixels within a one-inch area. For printing, the resolution is 300dpi and anything less than that will not be suitable for printing. 

Screens tend to have a resolution of 72dpi, which is not suitable for printing unless it is a text document. For crisp and clean prints, artwork must be designed to the correct size with the right dpi to prevent the quality being reduced. Have you ever seen a poster or flyer that looks blurry? Well, more than likely it is a badly printed file because of the resolution, it may look absolutely fine on screen and the reason for this is because your screen only displays 72dpi. 

For clean and crisp print, it is always better to work with design software that allows you to work to a high resolution. Your brochure design created in Microsoft Word might look great but the quality of images will be poor which will result in a bad quality print. 

At Minerva Print and Design, we will always let you know if your print is the wrong resolution and will not print properly. We have a fantastic design team so if you are not sure, get in touch and we'd be happy to help. 

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